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 Betreff des Beitrags: TDU Community Patch 1.67d by Djey & 2CVSUPERGT
BeitragVerfasst: 2. Aug 2009, 17:25 

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Djey und 2CVSUPERGT präsentieren :

Test Drive Unlimited Unofficial Patch 1.67d !

Authors : 2CV SUPER GT & Djey
Compatibility : TDU 1.66a + Megapack (mandatory)

Important Notes

*** Please restore to 1.66a for those who had manually installed patch 1.67a, b & c before installing Patch 1.67d!!! ***

- Do not modify / upload this patch in another website without authorization

- This patch is not compatible with TDU 1.45a and 1.66a without megapack

- Current version of 2CVSUPERGT's mod Citroën XM V6 is not compatible with this patch. Please wait for an updated version of this car !

- Do not apply blingbling mod after this patch !

- All your camera and IK swap must be set again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- As always we can't be held responsible for issues in your game. So be warned.

Installation :
You have to close Test Drive Unlimited game while you install the patch

Double clic on Patch files and unzip Patch 1.67d folder on your desktop.

Open Patch 1.67d folder and double clic on Patch 1.67d.exe (run it as administrator)

After verifying the destination folder (TDU directory) and the language setting, clic on "INSTALL"

The patch is installed !

What's affected ?
- Unlock 5 new traffic cars + police car may appear online (without purchase)

- Unlock bike's clothes for car

- Unlock car's clothes for bike

- Unlock custom paintshop for car that was locked on

- Unlock tuning shop for F40 (until kit3 available)

- Car names fixed (example : Enzo Ferrari become Ferrari Enzo, Edonis Edonis become B. Engineering Edonis...)

- Nismo 350Z rims fixed

- Special body cars (Nismo 3520Z, Saleen ST281, Alfa Romeo GT Sporting Technical Kit, Benz SLK 55 Performance Package) are now sold on car dealer place

- Nissan 350Z & Alfa Romeo GT (normal body) are now available for kit3 (without body change)

- New logos for addon cars with a long list of brands and model name available for all languages

- New traffic management

- Car dealer sort out

- Fixed brand names + logos

- New vehicle names.

Have fun !

--- Download ---
Fixed version 1.67d
Link Defekt
- - - -

MfG Stefan

- - - -

Danke an Djey, für die Erlaubnis seine Dateien in diesem Forum anzubieten.
Thanks to Djey for the permission, to offer his files on this forum.

 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: TDU Community Patch 1.67d by Djey & 2CVSUPERGT
BeitragVerfasst: 2. Aug 2009, 17:35 
Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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Danke für's reinstellen Stefan :)



 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: TDU Community Patch 1.67d by Djey & 2CVSUPERGT
BeitragVerfasst: 2. Aug 2009, 19:04 
Neuer Star

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stark werde ich gleich mal laden.

Danke auch nochmal von meiner Seite.

MfG der DON

Generation Golf
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